How Many Miles to Wall Drug?

Ted Hustead was struck with an idea, while vacationing in London. He hung a sign in the London Underground informing commuters Wall Drug was only 5,160 miles away and if they wrote, they’d receive free information about South Dakota, Wall Drug Store and the Badlands.  The London billboard prompted between 12 and 20 letters a day, capturing the attention of several British newspapers and ultimately landing Ted an interview with the BBC.

From there the “How many miles to Wall Drug” signs took off.  Wall Drug Store offers free signs and bumper stickers to anyone willing to post them at home for all to see.  

Today the walls of the Wall Drug Store are papered with snapshots of “How Many Miles to Wall Drug” signs posted around the world. These billboards can be seen from Paris, France to Kenya, the Taj Mahal, Afghanistan, and even Antarctica.

Do you have a Wall Drug sign photo you would like to share with us?  Send your photo to or use the hashtag #milestoWallDrug

Where the Heck is Wall Drug?

No matter where you’ve traveled in the world, there is a chance you have seen a Wall Drug sign. How many miles are you from Wall Drug?



Hand-Painted Signs

Hand-painted signs lead the way to Wall Drug!