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    Now In: Pictures From You!
    Email us your Wall Drug Sign and Bumper Sticker sitings to:

    1,474 miles from Williamsport, PA. to Wall,SD. -
    Equivalent to 32,428 trips around the bases at the Little League World Series!

    Matty, Logan and little brother Chase from Iowa
    Little League World Series 2010

    David Krause, Sioux Falls, SD, summitting Aconcagua standing with a
    Wall Drug sign on the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. 

    Lana Gjovig
    Wall Drug Backyard - 2010
    Wall Drug Bumper Sticker Seen in Cuba
    Picture taken by a Cross-Cultural Solutions Group Member in 2003
    Richard Lamanna and Paul Baker at McMurdo Base in Antarctica
    where they have worked for the last 3 years.  "9,190 Miles to Wall Drug!"
     Rebecca Baker in late August 1985 in a rural town in the People‚Äôs Republic of Mongolia.
    Wall Drug is everywhere!

    Jennifer and Jon from Minneapolis
    "Winning the hearts and minds in Operation Enduring Freedom; Regan R. Miller, Capt, USAF, PA-C." 
    "We visited the Kilauea Crater in Volcanoes National Park on our Hawai'ian Honeymoon in August 2008- Dave and Christine (camerawoman)"
    "Captains Scott Wallace and Ryan Kohl at Al Faw
    Palace in Baghdad, Iraq.  Sep 2008."

    "Hey Dale, I think he is stuffed already"                                                                                                       "Wall Drug or Bust"...