The City of Wall, South Dakota

family taking selfie by 80 foot dinosaur

It's hard to miss the 80 foot dinosaur as you close upon Wall Drug

It's hard to miss the 80-foot dinosaur as you close upon Wall Drug.

Located near the northern "wall" of the South Dakota Badlands, Wall, South Dakota is a small American town with a huge personality. Once known as the “geographical center of nowhere,” Wall has become a hub for tourism and is often referred to as the “Window to the West” or the “Gateway to the Badlands."

Established as a railroad town for the Chicago/Northwestern Railroad system in 1907, Wall, South Dakota was barely more than a pit stop. By the 1930s, Wall housed a whopping 300 citizens, a hospital, hardware store, “community hut” and two banks. Today, the population has nearly tripled in size to 876 residents.

elderly couple sitting in wall drug's backyard

Wall’s growth can be largely attributed to the building of the first road through what we know today as the Badlands National Park, located a mere 8 miles south of town, and the emergence of the town’s claim to fame, Wall Drug Store.

Reputed for its small-town charm and welcoming community atmosphere, Wall, South Dakota hosts millions of travelers every summer, with as many as 20,000 visitors a day during the peak tourist season. The town’s population grows exponentially during the summer months, with a diverse group of residents from around the world occupying the area and transforming Wall from a quiet, close-knit community to a buzzing tourist hot spot.

South Dakota’s most popular tourist sites in the Black Hills, including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, historic Downtown Deadwood, and the Badlands National Park, are a short commute outside the city of Wall. The surrounding area offers an array of entertainment, from the Black Hills Playhouse to local wineries and tasting rooms, as well as numerous hiking and biking trails.

Amenities of the City of Wall

  • Internet access provided in the bank and library
  • Wall celebration in July
  • Parade, dances, rodeo & various activities
  • Wall Regional Medical Clinic
  • Four churches:
    • First Lutheran Church
    • Patrick's Catholic Church
    • Wall Evangelical Free Bible Church
    • Wall United Methodist Church
  • Welcoming residents that will make you feel right at home

Great things to do in the City of Wall

  • Bike Path
  • City Park
  • Playground
  • Tennis Courts
  • City Swimming Pool
  • Eagle Powerhouse
  • Cardio/Fitness Room
  • Gymnasium
  • Weight Room
  • Golf Course



Wall is located in
Western South Dakota and is situated on Interstate 90 at mile markers 109 & 110.

  • 8 miles north of Badlands National Park
  • 55 miles east of Rapid City, SD
  • 70 miles east of the Black Hills National Forest
  • 77 miles from Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • 79 miles from Custer State Park
  • 103 miles from Wind Cave National Park
  • 107 miles from Jewel Cave National Monument
  • 110 miles east of the Wyoming-South Dakota border
  • 292 miles west of Sioux Falls, SD