elderly couple sitting on bench near wall drug's back yard area

Whether you’re traveling in the car for only a few hours or for a few weeks, planning kid friendly vacations can be tough. However, at Wall Drug there is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the age! Take a break from the car and stretch your legs at the Wall Drug Backyard. With fun-filled activities for every age, there’s no reason to skip this stop on your trip!

The kids can cool off at the Train Station Water Show, which features jumping jets perfect for splashing, get a photo with a roaring T-Rex, or in front of a miniature Mount Rushmore, or take a ride on the giant Jackalope. These photo opportunities are great additions to any holiday or greeting cards from your adventure!

Shops in the Backyard include the Little Britches Emporium, the Branding Iron Arcade, and the Wall Drug Mining Company – a paleontology store with fossil casts and replicas of Jurassic period creatures. At one of the three mines in the Backyard, children can pan for gold or gemstones and explore for treasures.

Mom and Dad can enjoy some relaxing time in the courtyard with a cup of gourmet coffee and a snack, such as hot dogs, tacos, pizza, and nachos from the Prairie Parlor, or stroll through a Backyard building displaying more than 1,400 historical photos of South Dakota.

The Backyard is truly an experience to enjoy while at Wall Drug!

entrance to wall drug's back yard area

t rex from below